Ode to the team

At Ode books, we bring Ode to the world of creativity. For our first book, we bring on Ode to the wonderful creativity in wine label design. This book would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of the individuals below who poured their heart and soul into this project.

Meet our multitalented creator: Kristof Bossuyt

As entrepreneur and marketeer for most of his career, Kristof's passion for wine led him to conceive, publish, and author this book. The idea sprouted during a casual dinner with friends when he enthusiastically displayed a bottle of Orpheus & The Raven, its captivating label sparking the inspiration for this project.

Introducing our graphic design pro: Caroline De Cock

With a decade of design experience, her involvement guarantees a visually stunning masterpiece.What's even more extraordinary? She was present at the dinner table when the spark of inspiration for this book ignited. That close connection to the book's inception ensures a seamless fusion of design and storytelling.

Meet the creative visionary: Wim Van Reeth

With two decades of branding expertise, Wim is not only passionate about wine but has an unwavering fascination for exquisite wine labels. What's more, he's been a close friend of the book's creator, Kristof Bossuyt, for over 15 years. Together, they're bringing their shared passion and creative brilliance to this project.

Introducing our photography maestro: Ian Hermans

With 15 years of photographic experience, Ian and Kristof crossed paths early in their careers. Ian's lens captured the essence of events Kristof organized during those formative years. Since then, they have maintained a valuable connection and are thrilled to have the chance to collaborate on this book together.